Greek Life move out


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  1. You will be fined up to $1000 for any illegal dumping on your property and outside your house. This includes furniture, apparel, overflowing waste bins and general garbage.

  2. Get a head start. There will be two days of joint pickup by IFC and PHC the weekend before finals at centralized locations for bulk items you are looking to get rid of. Contact your housing manager for details.

  3. Focus on recycling internally- ask around the house and post in your chapter page what you will be getting rid of when you move out.

  4. Sort your waste properly: see WASTE SORTING SECTION for details.

  5. You will be fined by the City of Berkeley. You will.




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  1. Work on getting a head start. Focus on recycling and reusing internally- share anything you’re getting rid of, clothing items, textbooks, decor you’ve outgrown, etc, within your chapter pages. One sister’s trash is another’s treasure!

  2. Donate old textbooks and tests to your chapter’s study files instead of pitching them.

  3. Bring any bulk items unclaimed by your chapter to the PHC and IFC joint pickup to be donated and repurposed. Contact your chapter’s Panhellenic delegate for details.

  4. Any trash you do have leftover, be sure to sort it properly. See WASTE SORTING SECTION for details.




Any Greek members that are living in off campus apartments or houses should visit the “Apartments” section of this website for further resources.


Remember- red solo cups are recyclable.

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